rainbodrk (rainbodrk) wrote in bc_volunteer,

Women 40+ y.o. needed for article on bullying asap

Passing on info from a colleague....

The article that I'm writing for More magazine (which is a Canadian magazine for women over 40) is about the long term effects girlhood bullying can have on a woman. Studies show that girls who were bullied (even in seemingly subtle ways) can be affected by this experience for years to come. Some have trouble forming friendships, trusting other women, doubting themselves or still feel anger about those early experiences. I understand you are doing a study on people who were bullied in school because of their sexuality. That
would be a very interesting angle to explore. I wondered if you might know of any women over 40 who were bullied by other girls and who might be willing to speak with me about this. Please let me know and thanks so much!
> Anne
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